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(BAIT - 301 & 302), Duration - 20 Classes (1 hr. per session)

This course is strictly for the students or jobseekers who want to go abroad for further studies or work.

Key Features

- Thorough overview of the test systematically and practice sessions.
- Focus on listening, reading, writing and speaking.
- Mock Tests
- Academic and general training module

Voice & Accent

(BAVA - 402), Duration – 20 hrs. (1 hr. per session)

This course provides training to all students who are hindered by their heavy mother tongue influence. The course also aims at providing the right articulation and inculcating a neutral accent for free flowing communication.

Key Features

- Accent neutralization (Global Accent) - Plosives & sounds (nasal & throaty) - Difference in US & UK English - Time Zones - Geographical boundaries - American slang

- Pitch & Tone Training

- MTI removal (sh, s, zh, z)
- Vowel and consonant sounds
- Phenomena of phonetics