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ISB Application Assistance Features

  • ISB Application Strategy: Champion Squares team of specialist consultants will work with you to develop a compelling case for your admission to ISB. (Champion Squares students who have secured admission at ISB)
  • ISB Resume Editing: The ISB application auto-generates your resume based on the information you fill in your form. In the order of things, your CV is the first document which an admission committee will whet. There is a way one populates the ISB application form such that the ISB admissions committee gets a strong sense of your potential is as part of the ISB community.
  • ISB Essay Editing: Essays are a significant reason why most quality B-Schools consider offering you an admit. There are four essays which ISB demands. Champion Squares will help you brainstorm essay approaches for your ISB applications and provide you with feedback until we are sure your essays clearly express what is unique and compelling about your story. (Essay questions asked by ISB)
  • ISB Recommender Strategy: It’s critical to select a willing, positively inclined recommender who knows you well and is herself high up in her domain. The Champion Squares Admission Consultant will advise you on how to choose your recommenders and how to best prepare your recommender to inscribe letters of recommendation to support your admission at ISB. (ISB Recommendation Questions)
  • ISB Recommendation Editing: All the various documents have to come together as a coherent showcase of your capability. Your Essays, Recommender’s version, Resume have to be consistent. Most candidates miss out on this obvious fact. Champion Squares will ensure that your ISB recommendation letters are in synchronization with your essays and that your recommenders are not losing sight of your fit with ISB while sharing their recommendations.
  • ISB Application Form Review: Every word in the application is vital and the overall presentation of the application forms should not be overlooked. Champion Squares Experts will review your ISB application to ensure that messaging is consistent and presentation on target.
  • ISB Interview Coaching: The ISB interview is the last hurdle before you are awarded an admission. It also gives you an opportunity to visually and verbally communicate your stake to an ISB admission. The Champion Squares expert team who have collectively interviewed hundreds of ISB candidates over the years will walk you through the finer points of managing your interview time, appropriate follow-up, and how to address your queries to your panel. Real-time feedback will allow you to become comfortable with your answers, so that your interaction is natural and confident without being overly rehearsed. (Sample ISB interview questions)